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A casual restaurant for everyone from grandparents to grandchildren.
The menu is also filled to the brim with a variety of Japanese and Western dishes.

Buffet Terrace

~Hotel Main Lobby B1F~

Cuisine types
         Ambiance              Other features
Japanese                 Family friendly         Buffet
European                 Casual

Breakfast  7:00am~10:00am   (Last Order 9:30 am)
Dinner      6:00pm~9:00pm     (Last Order 8:00pm)

Breakfast  ¥1,700 (Tax not included)
Dinner      ¥4,000 (Tax not included)

< Season Limited Hot Pot “NABE” Fair >
Heart warming hot pot dishes using the season’s ingredients “Tsumagoi Chef’s Hot Pot NABE Collection”. With gifts from the oceans and mountains, Tsumagoi is proud to present our Chef’s hot pots.
From Tsumagoi’s classic “Fugu’s Salt Sleet Hot Pot” that uses grated daikon, to “Pork and Seasonal Vegetable’s Jjigae Style Hot Pot” and “Chicken Soymilk Hot Pot”, some of the Chef’s original NABE recipes also make an appearance. Relish this season’s ingredients in a delicious hot pot NABE.

Bar & Restaurant JARDIN

~Hotel Main Lobby 1F~

Cuisine types
         Ambiance              Other features
Japanese                 Family friendly         A la carte

Lunch          11:30am~3:00pm   (Last Order 2:00 pm)
Tea Time     10:30am~5:00pm
Bar Time      8:30pm~11:00pm   (Last Order 10:00 pm)  

The menu is here (Japanese only)